Business Process Management with Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio

BPM Consultant

When you want to integrate yourself flexibly and professionally into your client's systems environment, Process Modeler provides you with the following features: 
  • professional and intuitive modeling
  • the means for process analysis
  • flexible integration with your customers
  • full support for the BPMN standard
  • the opportunity to become an expert
  • affiliation with special benefits
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Project Manager

When you assume the project management of a BPM project, you have special requirements for a modeling tool:
  • process-centric requirements management
  • MS Office integration
  • firmly based on standards
  • work on a business processes as a team
  • BPM Training
  • process analysis and reports
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Process Owner

You want to ensure smooth running business processes.  Process Modeler offers you a handy and mature BPM Suite :
  • overviews of all processes of the enterprise
  • process analysis and reports
  • support from professional and readable models
  • governance of your processes
  • full support for BPMN 2.0
  • integration with MS-Office
  • comprehensive and sophisticated functionality
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 Software Architect

For the software architect, the interaction between business and IT is at the forefront.  Process Modeler offers you:
  • components firmly based on standards
  • extensive validation from descriptiv to executable BPMN
  • comprehensive and sophisticated functionality
  • modularity, flexibility and agility
  • the perfect interface between business and IT
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