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    Michele Scoggins

    I am working with a team of 10 that is modeling over 150 processes. Three of us have been modeling for a few months and are using the standard version of process modeler 2.0 (version 2.0311.1139). Three new people have joined the team and recently downloaded process modeler (version 2.0.413.1499). Those of us with the older version cannot open the models created using the newer version. We get the following error, “This diagram has been created with a new version of Process Modeler. All functions have been disabled.”

    I attempted to download the new version of Process Modeler and got an error. Do those of us with the older version need to uninstall and reinstall Process Modeler? Right now we at a stand still as we cannot view each other’s work.

    Also, the group using the newer version (2.0.413.1499) cannot change the color of the task boxes. Every time they reopen process model, it converts back to the default fill colors.

    Michele Scoggins


    Michele Scoggins

    I just reviewed the unable to find .msi thread and used the cleaner. I now have version 2.0413.1499 installed.

    This installation created two new problems:
    1. The color fill problem I mentioned before
    2. Some of the features described in Help do not seem to be available – such as element numbering.


    Hi Michelle,

    good to hear that the registry cleaner helped you to workaround some nasty Visio related installation problems with AddIns (like PM).

    1) version are only under certain circumstances backward compatible. So don’t rely on it. Plz make sure, the whole team has the same build level (here 2.0413.1499). Only forward compatability is guaranteed by PM.
    2) the ‘element numbering’ feature is available starting Business Edition (and therefore in Professional Edition as well). Plz see feature matrix on website and appropriate edition icon in help). This feature will be particularly helpful in combination with the ‘Report’ and ‘Documentation’ features.
    3) by concept of PM, fill colors are the domain of the ‘BPMN Validator’ feature and therefore cannot be used for custom coloring. So your observed behavior is correct. But you are able to change the default fill color in ‘Options…’.

    If I have missed an issue, plz tell me.

    Best regards,


    Michele Scoggins

    I just want to confirm that there is no way to change the color of the tasks in our models. Using the previous version (2.0311.1139), we were able to use different fill colors. We were able to highlight certain aspects of our models with color and our client got used to the layout of our models. I think our customer will be disappointed that we will lose this feature just by upgrading to (2.0413.1499).


    Thomas Klaus

    Hi Michele,

    Unfortunately, due to a bug in version 2.0.311, Process Modeler didn’t update the color of a shape correctly when initially loading a diagram. This has been solved in newer versions.

    The ability to customize the color individually for each shape is a known requirement, which will be taken care of in a future version of Process Modeler (not yet scheduled).

    Best regards,

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