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BPMN XML roundtrip (Import/Export)


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プロセスモデラーは、Microsoft Office製品との緊密な統合を提供します

BPMN: プロセス全体図のモデリング


itp commerce ltd – Vizi-Modeler for Microsoft Visio

Vizi Modeler – BPMN 100% 準拠のビジネスプロセスを設計する

itp-commerce の Vizi-Modeler for Microsoft Visio™ は、BPMN 標準サポートの洗練された設計ツールを提供します。 プロセス図は、BPMN標準への準拠度を検証したり、さまざまな形式にエクスポートできます。 Vizi BPMソリューションは、業務現場とIT部門の橋渡しをします。 Vizi-Modeler は、BPMNに準拠しているだけでなく、最も強力なBPMN 構文と「メソッド&スタイル」の検証、モデリングしないで初段階のダイアグラムを作成する「メソッド&スタイル」ウィザード、高度なダイアグラムナビゲーション、自動プロセスドキュメント、データレポーティング、シミュレーション、 チームサポート、などを提供します。

BPMN 2.0 完全準拠

OMG 標準に基づくモデリングと設計環境を提供します。








BPMN プロセスを HTML, Word, Excel. PowerPoint の形式であらゆる人に提供できます。


Vizi Manager または Vizi SharePoint にドキュメント、図などを保存して、誰とでも簡単に共有して協同作業ができます。



Model, Document, Automate, Simulate Business Process with Microsoft Visio

Everything you need to describe business processes. Beginning with a simple business process diagram in the worldwide standard BPMN 2.0 you will enrich your processes with detailed documentations.

Work in a team

Complete and secure data management for all. The central repository for all of your process documentations.
With Vizi-Manager (Team Repository) you get a powerful database solution that allows you to store both your process models as well as other documents.

Store your BPMN models in sharepoint

Allow team members to easily get access and connected throughout the BPM diagrams lifecycle. SharePoint is tightly integrated with familiar client desktop applications, e-mail and Web browsers to provide a consistent user experience.

Why Vizi Modeler?
BPMN Experts –
since 2005

Vizi Modeler is developed from BPMN Experts. The uniform language for defining business processes and the well known “Method & Style” approach enables you to easily share your knowledge from Business to IT, between different organizations or to your suppliers. Everyone can read and understand you business diagrams.

BPMN – standard for process management
Vizi-Modeler supports
100% BPMN (OMG)

Using a standard for designing business processes has a plenty of advantages. It’s like speaking the same language, using the same words avoids misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

Microsoft Visio Add-In
4.500 active installations –
Intuitive and userfriendly environment

Vizi-Modeler for business process management is smooth integrated into Micorosoft Visio. The wide spread standard of  Microsoft Office let you start with process management in a very short time. So you can concentrate on your business processes.

itp commerce ltd –
BPMN Expert since 2005

Vizi BPM Suite from itp commerce ltd.

itp commerce ltd developed Vizi BPM Solution for designing professional business processes. Easy to use, well integrated into the microsoft office suite. Create quick, easy and  understandable business processes. For you, your team and your clients.

itp commerce ltd – founded in 2005, based in Bern, Switzerland and Stuttgart, Germany

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Using other notations such as Enterprise Maps, BOM,...0

Share via Team Repository, Cloud or Sharepoint0

Using BPMN-XML for automation0

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Useed to manage ALL documents in one place0

You want to become a BPMN Expert?
LEARN BPMN THE RIGHT WAY! is the leading provider of training and certification for Business Process Management professionals. In addition to the BPMN Method and Style Expert courses, the curriculum includes Introduction to BPMStarting and Organizing a BPM Project, and Analyzing and Optimizing a BPM Process. All courses come with post-class certification, typically based on an online exam and a mail-in exercise.


From industrial, chemical- and pharmaceutical companies to insurances, public administrations, banks, consulting, small businesses.

Vizi BPM Suite is industry-independent and is used everywhere where efficient and continuous business process management is important and workflows are to be improved.

itp’s NEWS

We will regularly inform you about improvements and changes of Vizi BPM Solution, Vizi-Modeler, Vizi-Sharpoint, Vizi-Manager. And of course you will find news about BPM trainings and courses, events etc.

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