Manage and share any kind of BPMN diagrams and related documents
COMIN SOON :: Vizi Sharepoint

Secure storage and document management with Microsoft Sharepoint

Vizi Sharepoint integrates all diagrams and documents into Microsoft Sharepoint. Access your BPDs,… easy and convenient via a web browser . Vizi Sharepoint provides a secure place to access and store models, documents, and additional information . You have access from anywhere and from any device. Vizi Sharepoint allows you to structure, release, and comment BPM artifacts (Visio models).

BPM Dashboard in Microsoft Sharepoint environment

Sharepoint at a glance: model preview, navigation tree (model structure) and documents with documents. You have access to all relevant information to your business process models.

Like a file explorer, a menu tree and a preview of the selected documents are displayed. The corresponding documents are listed below the graphical model view.

Navigate quickly with only a few steps through your BPM diagram.