Announcing Vizi BPM Suite 7 – What’s new?

Announcing Vizi BPM Suite 7 – What’s new?

BPMN Modell "vorher", process modeler
BPMN Modell "nachher", Vizi Modeler itp commerce
Schritt-für-Schritt Assistenz mit paralleler Vorschau auf das Prozessmodell

NEW: Office 2016 and O365 compatible (base and core library updated).

NEW: New startup behavior – with Vizi Modelers personalized category folder

IMPROVEMENT: Backstage Menu with Vizi options

NEW: New metadata for Process Owner per process

NEW: RACI for BPMN activities

NEW: Menus, Ribbons and Icons style

NEW: Online Knowledge base

NEW: Ready for Vizi SharePoint – Client-side changes for using Vizi SharePoint

IMPROVEMENT: Easily manage your data: new interface

Process Landscape (PMAP)
Geschäftsprozesslandkarte, Prozesslandkarte
Geschäftsprozesslandkarte, Prozesslandkarte
  • New Stencil
  • New Color Scheme
  • Specific new document type for PMAP
  • Several Bug Fixes: Group Navigation, new Type Icon and representation in the Repository
BPMN, Choreography, Conversation

NEW: color scheme, stencil for BPMN with additionally Black Box Pools

NEW: ``Method & Style``-Wizard supports now the full BPMN descriptive sub-class

NEW: ``Method & Style``-Wizard instant preview

NEW: ``Method & Style`` jump start template

NEW: Automated Message Flow propagation following the process hierarchy

NEW: Many drawing improvements like 1D connectors to move the text block

NEW: Improvements for metadata management in Attribute Explorer

NEW: Built in RACI support over system defined attributes

NEW: Improved Message Flow behavior

NEW: BPMN DataStores can now connect BDM elements over the repository

NEW: BPMN Lanes and Pools can now connect organizational elements

Bug fixing

BDM Business Data Modeling
Geschäftsobjekt-Modelle (GOM) - Business Object Modeling (BOM)

Modeling of Business Data Diagrams

Sophisticated BE-Attribute management with rollover fast editor

Relationship Editor

SQL-Generator to produce DDL scripts

Creation of a new BDM based on an existing SQL-Schema

Roundtrip for external changed schemas

Domain view, domain view with box, pure entity relationship view

Export to Excel or CSV

BDM: new repository document type in Vizi Manager


Vizi Modeler is upward compatible with Process Modeler 6. Means Process Modeler 6 drawings can be opened by Vizi Modeler. You may or not migrate with one mouse click your drawing into the new outlook. Of course you can use the old stencil if you like. We recommend conversion to V7.

Vizi BPM Suite is NOT DOWNWARD compatible with former Process Modeler versions. Means

  1. you cannot save Process Modeler 6 diagrams with Vizi Modeler
  2. you cannot open objects from V6 without repository migration to V7.
What’s coming next (roadmap)?


  • Organizational Modeler Template and Stencil which serializes organization drawings into Vizi Manager
  • New Repository Explorer to support cloud access to database.
  • SharePoint BPM-Portal