Vizi Manager

Document Management with Team Repository

Team Work: Document Managment & Collaboration

The Vizi Manager provides the ideal opportunities for team collaboration. You can access your BPM diagrams and documents anytime from any location with any device. With Vizi-Manager, you can manage your process diagrams and related documents centrally. Share your process diagrams in the team and save diagram centrally including CheckIn/CheckOut and document Historicization. This makes it easy for everyone to access the BPM diagrams and related documents.

Vizi-Manager database

You install your repositories close-to-automatically and intuitively with the Team Repository wizard. You can connect MS-SQL, MySQL or ORACLE database.


To manage documents, you can use the versioning feature of the repository. A powerful application with a user-friendly interface facilitates the main functions of Team Repository, such as granting user rights, access rights, licensing information and document management.

Reuse of BPMN elements

With Process Modeler’s Team Repository you break through the boundaries of the diagram. It is very easy to reference BPMN elements from other diagrams. This facilitates the reuse of roles (lanes), pools or data objects and ensures a clean documentation. Of course sub-processes or tasks are reference-able(link-able). All this is, of course, possible in only within the same business process. This feature contributes greatly to the readability of the model.

Features Vizi Manager

Publicaton of Process Landscapes (HTML)

Model Risks and Controls

Define the organization model

Meta Data and Attribute Management

Document Management

Team Repository

Business Data Model, BDM Software and Tools

Individual publishing workflow

Create BDM from a SQL DB

Compare BDM against an existing SQL Database