Team Repository

Team Repository

The central repository for your process documentation

With Team Repository you get a powerful database solution that allows you to store both your process models as well as other documents.

Complete and secure data management for all

All relevant data, such as BPMN diagram attributes, system-defined attributes and version information is stored in a relational data structure. This data can be accessed from all SQL reporting tools. The database can manage both versioning of the diagram information, as well as the checking in and out of diagrams. Team Repository is designed for multiple users. Users, in-turn, can be granted the different access rights.

Simple and intuitive operation

The central element is the Repository Explorer. The explorer allows you to manage your documents, regardless of their type. To manage documents, you can use the versioning feature of the repository. Your employees will learn quickly how to use it, because the entire interface is similar to the File Explorer.

Efficient Administration

A powerful application with a user-friendly interface facilitates the main functions of Team Repository, such as granting user rights, access rights, licensing information and document management.

Multiple repositories, simple installation and management

You install your repositories close-to-automatically and intuitively with the Repository wizard. You will experience no tedious and complicated database administration. Instead you will use the intuitive wizard to create and Team Repository Administration to maintain your database instances.

Moreover, you are free to choose the database server. Team Repository supports:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL Server