Document Management

Document Management

Organization in your Documentation

Along with the repository, you get powerful tools for managing your documents and business process models.

Two in one: overview of your files and efficient process reporting

All business process diagrams are stored in structured tables in the repository and can be inserted easily in reports via SQL queries. At the same time, you can build hierarchical classification systems in your repository using folder structures and maps.

Manage all types of documents with versioning

The Vizi Manager enables the management of process models and all types of documents. In addition, linked documents can be stored in the models themselves. Version management in the Vizi Manager is virtually automatic. External files can be imported by a simple “drag and drop”.

Controlled document access (“CheckIn / CheckOut”)

An integrated “CheckIn / CeckOut” mechanism guarantees access control to the repository. The correct handling of changes in an environment with multiple users is secured.

Access Control

The Vizi Manager uses an advanced authentication and authorization concept for small workgroups through to enterprise installations. The safety concept includes the definition of user and group authorizations and the definition of rights to access documents and folders.

Hierarchical storage without limits

Vizi Manager enables the hierarchical arrangement of documents. This means that one can refer to the same document from different locations. Powerful query dialogs support the search for key words, dates, versions, authors, etc

Reuse of BPMN elements

With Vizi Manager you break through the boundaries of the diagram. It is very easy to reference BPMN elements from other diagrams. This facilitates the reuse of roles (lanes), pools or data objects and ensures a clean documentation. Of course sub-processes or tasks are reference-able(link-able). All this is, of course, possible in only within the same business process. This feature contributes greatly to the readability of the model.

Document Management