Meta Data and Attribute Management

Userdefined Metadata

Flexibly and comprehensively documented and centrally managed

With Vizi-Modeler you have, along with the utmost flexible documentation creation, practical management and reporting functionality. All user defined Meta-Data, all documentations, all related Documents and all other linked content can be stored into the Model and with it to the Vizi-Managers DB. But how to bring the data in?

Create reports with MS Excel and MS Access

The management is done via the visual BPMN diagram. All chart metadata can be output via the reporting functionality (e.g. to MS Excel).

Whether a local or central team repository, Process Modeler provides ready-to-use MS Access templates, which contain a number of reports.

Means of documenting and managing metadata on a BPMN diagram

Just save your Diagram to the Vizi-Manager Repository and all your Meta-Data as well as all other linked content will be structured and saved to the DB.



Access Reporting