BPM Consulting

BPM Consulting from our experienced Professionals

With our sister company ITpearls AG, we have a proven BPM specialist at hand. Its services include BPM consulting & training, BPM coaching, BPM project support and software architectures..

Make your organization more agile, improve customer satisfaction and achieve operational savings — all at the same time.

With our expertise and methodology, we support your company by systemically analyzing and prioritizing your business processes.

Our methodology helps quantify the savings potential and project the return on investment (ROI) for your BPM projects.

During the analysis, you will be able to identify and rank the processes based on:


cost reduction


risk reduction

quality improvements



Deploying the best BPM technology on the market won’t succeed without close collaboration and support across systems and organizations. The BPM consultants of our partner ITpearls AG are certified experts of Business Process Management (BPM). ITpearls AG offers a wide range of experience, innovativ solutions with the latest know-how.

The result? Tailored solutions based on your needs – fast, diligent and pragmatic.

Our consultants are proven experts in the field of business process management (BPM), which offer innovative solutions to your problems with the latest know-how and a wide range of experience. Through our know-how, we guarantee a smooth project process, high quality of results and high customer satisfaction.


Experience how Process Modeller assists you in consulting business!  As flexible, convenient and versatile modeling tool, Process Modeler is the BPM Consultants best partner in the daily work.

We assist you, as BPM Consultant, with our know-how developed through years of business process modeling and support you with our technical and professional expertise.

BPM strategy

Analysing company BPM strategy


Defining core BPM processes


Involving the entire team


Analyzing, improving and optimazation of BPM diagrams


Generating documentations & reports for stakeholder , team, etc.


Continuous improvement of BPM processes.

How Vizi BPM Suite fits your needs


With  Process Modeler you become the expert!

You work flexibly and quickly, and you work with style.

A wealth of indispensable functions supports the creation of handsome process models tailored to your needs.


With Process Modeler you can:


  • create diagrams with ease and according to your needs (with all the fexibility of MS Visio)
  • achieve your goal quickly, because Process Modeller is easy to learn (a simple user interface with everything you need accessible with one mouse click)
  • provides various, easy to invoke utility functions (layout and shortcut functions)
  • create accurate, complete, legible and beautiful models because quality  is one of the highest values​​:
    the entirety of BPMN 2.0 is supported, including validation
  • supports Method & Style conform modelling, including validation
  • comprehensive quality control using proven quality indicators
  • the BPMN elements of Process Modeler can be rightly described as “the sexiest shapes in BPMN”

Integrated into Microsoft Visio environment

Virtually seamless integration with your customer’s environment

The tool is integrated in Microsoft Visio, with all common MS Office functionality available.

As a consultant with Process Modeller, you fit in without problem into the environment of your customer and offer them process models and anaylsis according to their needs.

Everything is available to you, so you

  • create diagrams with ease and according to your needs (with all the fexibility of MS Visio)
  • prepare comprehensive IT specifications (flexible data management within the models)
  • document processes for analysis, training or publication in the formats your customer needs (eg, user-defined Word documents, Excel reports, HTML, in SharePoint storage)
  • exchange models in various standard formats with your customer (BPMN XML and all major MS Office formats)
  • work locally and independently of client server or of network access (local repository with no installation required) and handover later to your customer without data loss (with a connection to the customer’s central repositories)

BPMN Stanard (OMG)

Bring your customers up to date with the common standard!

BPMN is the standard for business process modeling today and tomorrow. With Process Modeler you have a tool, with which you can create complete and accurate BPMN models, understandable for everyone. Because employing BPMN means more than just modeling.

Process Modeler supports you with

  • quality inspection of your models: so your models are correct, not only readable for everyone and but also complete.
  • model exchange: You can import models as BPMN, edit with Process Modeler and export them again as BPMN.
  • beautiful BPMN: you render reader friendly diagrams – whether hierarchical or flat and compact, color or black and white, you choose.

Understandable and correct BPMN Models with the "BPMN Method & Style" approach

Method & Stlye approach from Bruce Silver

Model with the “BPMN Method & Style” approach and your models will be understandable to everyone.

Vizi Modeler supports you with

  • methodological and stylistic inspection and guidance according to Bruce Silver guidelines.
  • built-in model quality reporting according to tried and tested criteria
  • built-in powerful “BPMN Method & Style” Wizard to let Vizi Modeler creates a first shot of your “End-2-End” process by only asking questions (no modeling)

You can purchase a special license for the “Method & Style” checker automatically through our training partner, ITpearls AG when you visit a “Method & Style” training course.  Within a short time (2-5 days, depending on the course level) you can train and certify your BPMN expertise.  Included is in-depth coaching from experts.