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New Website – Vizi BPM Solution – BPM Software

Welcome to itp’s new Website – your professional BPM Software provider!

itp commerce, bpm software, vizi bpm solutionSince more than 10 years we are improving our BPM Software. With Vizi BPM Solution we made an important step ahead. Formerly “Process Modeler” is now “Vizi BPM Solution”.

The BPM Software includes three products:
Vizi Modeler, Vizi-Manager and Vizi-Sharepoint

  • Vizi Modeler (formerly Process Modeler): Modeling Solution, Drag & Drop, Validation, Documentation, Automation, Publication and much more
  • Vizi-Manager (formerly Team Repository):  Manage and structure your business processes and documents. Checkin/Checkout documents. Supports team work.
  • NEW Vizi-Sharepoint: Integration into Microsoft Sharepoint

Process Modeler turns into Vizi BPM Suite

Wihtin a few weeks itp commerce ltd. announces Vizi BPM SUITE!

Real benefit!  7th edition of Process Modeler turns into Vizi Modeler for Microsoft Visio.

Focusing on today’s challenges surrounding more and more browsers and thus cloud requirements, itp-commerce has transformed the extremely popular process modeling environment “Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio” into a new dress with a new name and in with a multitude of innovations in the 7th edition of the software “Vizi BPM Suite“.READ MORE