Local Data and Model Management

The repository that is always with you

With the local repository it is possible to manage business process diagrams on the go. Because you also get a local repository installed on your PC – irrespective of whether you have a license for the team repository or not.

Data management on the local repository functions the same as that of the team repository. A big advantage here is interaction.

For example: take your local repository with you on the road. During an interview with subject matter experts, augment models or entire landscapes and combine different process diagrams with each other. Then later on the train, with no internet and repository access, you process the information a bit further. All the time you have been working with your local repository.

Once you are back in your office and have access to the team repository, you can upload everything you have saved in the local repository to the team repository and share it with your colleagues. As simple as that!

Local Data and Model Management