Business Data Model, BDM Software and Tools

Business Data Entity can be reused in BPMN through the Repository

Vizi Modeler has integrated a BDM-modeler to create business object models. BDM is similar to „Entity Relationship Diagrams“ (ERD), which where used for data modeling.

In BPMN you can define so called DataStores. DataStores can be referenced to Business Data Entity, Business Domains or even whole Business Object Models. Once a BDM has been stored into the Team Repository it can be reached by the Vizi BPMN Modeler.

Create DB-Schemas from Business Data Model

Once you have designed your Business Object Model (BDM) you may like to create a DB-Schema directly against a SQL-Database (RDBMS).

Just using Vizi-Modeler to verify and create the SQL-Defintion Scripts. As more precise your BDM-Meta-Model has been defined as better si the SQL-Script, including all known Data-Types, key constraints and deletion statements.

Create and update Business Data Model from existing DB-Schema

You may like to create a fully equipped BDM from an existing DB-Schema. Just using Vizi-Manager and create BDM from DB-Schema. You can directly connect to every reachable DB. Vizi-Modeler will create a new BDM or even update (similar to BPMN Roundtrip) your exiting BDM including all Meta-Data definitions as well as all relations defined in the external DB-Schema.

Supported SQL-Datenbase




Geschäftsobjekt-Modelle (GOM) - Business Object Modeling (BOM)