Publicaton of Process Landscapes (HTML)

Publicaton of Process Landscapes (HTML)

Give your process structure

Processmaps help you to get an overview of which processes exists at the company and how the relationship is in between.

In addition, the processmap shows the associated processes and the interfaces e.g. clients and suppliers. The process map shows how your business is organized and the interactions.

You can orient yourself quickly and easily using the processmap. The process map is the representation of the process at the highest level. But it does not provide substantive analysis of existing processes.

A process map provides

  • separation of the core processes of control and support processes
  • representation of three to four levels of detail
  • distinction between main and sub-processes
  • highlighting the interfaces to external customers

Create process maps clearly

In Vizi Modeler process maps are provided along with all the associated process diagrams, metadata and added documents. Make clearly arranged process map diagrams

Publish process maps, along with all associated process diagrams, metadata and attached documents, with a single mouse click.

One-click html export

Through the simple and practical HTML export function, you will receive a clear and navigable HTML file which shows your business processes exactly.

Easily navigable representations of the whole landscape

You can navigate through the whole process map by way of mouse clicks. For orientation, a hierarchical listing of the current process is displayed to the right of the map. In addition, a pop-up window appears with three tabs.

  1. Hierarchical representation of the process map
  2. Table view
  3. Search

HTML Publication

HTML process landscape

Search in HTML export