Model Risks and Controls

Risks and Controls

Keep the risks under control

Enrich your process documentation with information about risks and related control measures. With Vizi Modeler it is as simple as the BPMN modeling and is done systematically.

Functionalitites for your risks

Import/Export of risks and controls to/from Microsoft Excel

Export risk and control matrix (RCM) to Microsoft Excel

Team Repository enabled for SOX documents

Export of work descriptions into Microsoft Word

All risks and controls of a business process diagrams (BPD) can be exported and imported to/from Microsoft Excel. This allows for a comfortable import of mass data streams into your BPD. Risks and controls can furthermore be exported to a so called risk control matrix (RCM). Work descriptions will be exportable into Microsoft Word.

Integration with other documents and tools

All risks and controls of a business process diagram (Business Process Diagram – BPD) can be exported to Microsoft Excel, or imported from Microsoft Excel. This enables convenient import of large data sets in your BPD. You can also export the risk control matrix and job descriptions to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.