BPMN Model comparison

Reconcile and update models

BPMN Model comparison

With Vizi Modeler you keep track of the processing cycles of all your models by BPMN model comparison. Something beyond the limits of other modeling tools? You can …

Trace BPMN model change history (model reconciliation)

BPMN Model comparison supports you: With Vizi Modeler you can export your model into a BPMN file that can be opened by another BPMN tool and edited. After editing, you can import the business process model again and see what has changed.

Exchange BPMN models with other modeling tools (import and export of diagrams)

You need to create a BPMN Model from a plain XML? Just import the BPMN 2.0 XML, with or without graphical information (BPMNDI part of the XML) and let do Vizi Modeler the work.

Of course you can export any BPMN model out from Vizi modeler at any time.

BPMN Model comparison