Process management with a strong foundation

With Process Modeler you lay a strong foundation for your BPM strategy. With incomparable support for BPMN you model with pleasure and manage your business processes sustainab

Full support for BPMN

BPMN 2.0 and 1.2 are fully supported – with all elements and attributes according to the specification. You can use BPMN in detail and, despite going into depths, come quickly to a overall understanding of the process landscape.  Because BPMN is our passion …

Template with dynamic forms

The Visio stencil contains 15 foundation elements of BPMN. Once dragged onto the page, you can specify them in their entirety:

The shapes fit themselves to the BPMN attributes that are enabled on the ribbon element.

Navigate through your charts

With Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio you jump from sub-processes to details with a click of the mouse, or from a black box pool in the diagram directly to the  modeled pool in the corresponding diagram. Nothing is easier!

Complete process documentation with a mouse click

Whether you maintain process logic graphically with BPMN elements or with the fine details of attribute documentation or maintain the “risk and control” functionality, all information is stored in the same structured data and can be edited with user-friendly dialogs. Completing your documentation is but a mouse click away…


Context-sensitive help for all functions

With the context sensitive help, you’ll find the answers to your questions about the specific features of Process Modeler ..


Commented examples are delivered with the product. Do you need further assistance in using Process Modeler? We offer consultations and courses. Or do you want to be a BPMN expert? Contact our partner ITpearls AG!

Template with dynamic forms

 Process documentation

Context-sensitive help