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MSI Install for Administrators?

System administrators requiring an MSI package for deployment, please follow this link.

Quick setup:

  1. Make sure Microsoft Visio is installed in your environment. You will need Visio 2010 or newer. We recommend Visio 2016 or higher. A free trial can be downloaded here.
  2. Download the pre-installer for Vizi-Modeler. This pre-installer will detect the installed bit version of your Visio. Note: The Visio bit version may differ from the Windows bit version.
  3. Execute the setup file and follow the wizard steps.
    • The installer will verify your environment and inform you about missing components. The required components will automatically be downloaded and installed (provided there is no firewall restriction). Note that system components such as the VSTO Runtime and the .NET Framework 4 Extended require administrator privileges.
  4. Run Visio and create a new BPMN Diagram.
  5. Enter your license information.
  6. Start creating professional process models with Vizi Modeler.

Changelog Vizi Modeler 7


Changelog: Vizi Modeler 7
Version 7 SR2 (Build 4891.17597, 2018-08-08)


NEW: Pools and Lanes as Visio Containers.
NEW: Repository Console: ADS Connector (user creation and management over ADS)
NEW: Refresh Repository References
NEW: RACI for BPMN activities and processes
NEW: Direct BPMN conversion from Visio BPMN drawings into “real BPMN models”
NEW: Process Maker ( integration
IMPROVEMENT: BPMN improvment (Validator, META Data)
IMPROVEMENT: Major Modeler and Repository bug fixes (BPMN, References, Language Support)

Compatibility note:
Vizi Modeler 7 is upward compatible with Process Modeler 6.
Means Process Modeler 6 drawings can be opened by Vizi Modeler.
You may or not migrate with one mouse click your drawing into the new outlook. Of course you can use the old stencil if you like. We recommend conversion to V7. Vizi BPM Suite is NOT DOWNWARD compatible with former Process Modeler versions. Means you cannot save Process Modeler 6 diagrams with Vizi Modeler you cannot open objects from V6 without repository migration to V7.


Please note:

To enjoy all features of Process Modeler you must have a licensed copy. You may, however, still use your unlicensed copy (FREE Modeler) for simple modelling tasks and to view existing models. Vizi Modeler (V7) will not work with Process Modeler 5/6 keys.

To receive an evaluation key click here.

Supported Visio platforms for Vizi Modeler

  • Visio 2016 32 and 64 bits: Standard/Professional
  • Visio 2010 32 and 64 bits: Standard/Professional/Premium
  • Visio 2013 32 and 64 bits: Standard/Professional