Vizi BPM Suite

Model and manage your BPM diagrams and documents

BPMN Professionals since 2005

Since 2005 itp’s goal is to develop a userfriendly BPMN-Software, improve it continuously to ease the usage and keep it as simple as possible.

BPMN modeling, managing and sharing

Vizi Modeler as the core product delivers a sophisticated design tool for BPMN. It is smooth integrated into Microsoft Visio so you can start immediately with designing diagrams. In addition, the right data management makes it easier to save and share process models.

With our Team Repository, you can choose between a classic database solution for a single-user application or you decision goes to a team solution. You can also opt for a cloud solution or sharepoint solution for your data management.


Visio 2010/2013/2016

BPMN 2.0 Modeler

Landscape Modeler

BOM Modeler

Organization Modeler

Automated Documentation

Reports (Excel)


BPMN and SQL Model Roundtrip

Vizi Modeler


Team Repository

Document Manager

Model Versioning

History Manager

Access Rights

Publication Workflow

Meta Data Reporting

Web Service Service Based


Cloud or «en premise»

Vizi Manager



Dashboard with direct Model access

Model Viewer along the Landscape

Process and Document Views

Sharepoint Collaboration

Cloud or «en premise»

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BPMN Process Documentation

Dynamic Shapes

Ensure good Model Quality

Model Risks and Controls

BPMN Modeling: Element Numbering

Define the organization model