Vizi Modeler

Vizi Modeler is the best tool on market for designing BPMN diagrams with Microsoft Visio.

Vizi Modeler supports

100% BPMN Modeling (OMG standard)

Just-in-time document validation

Documentation (with prepared Templates in Microsoft Word)

Reports (with Microsoft Excel)

Document Management to organize and share diagrams

Import/Export, Real Roundtrip

ITIL Templates, Risk & Control

Standards: BPMN 2.0

Supports just-in-time validation of BPMN standard (OMG) and the Method&Style approach of Bruce Silver.

BPMN Methode & Stil Wizard

The Method & Style Wizard will automatically generate a first diagram draft based on some user input, following the Method & Style rules defined by
The aim of the wizard is to assist the process designer in the creation of a correct, consistent, appealing and unambiguous BPMN 2.0 model with the help of pointed questions.

Keep the risks under control

Enrich your process documentation with information about risks and related control measures. With Vizi Modeler it is as simple as the BPMN modeling and is done systematically.

BOM Modellierung

BOM (Business Object Modeling) Modellierung, matching with SQL database or existing graphs (Roundtrip) and the possibility to link business objects with BPMN diagrams.


Additionally XML serialization of BPMN models in XPDL, BPEL, XLANG / s

BPMN Roundtrip

BPMN 2.0 „Process- and Workflow-Automation“ (lossless Roundtrip) with interfaces to all BPMN 2.0 compatible workflow-engines.

ITIL Templates (V3.0)

Features Vizi Modeler

Business Data Model, BDM Software and Tools

Compare BDM against an existing SQL Database

Create BDM from a SQL DB

Define the organization model

Dynamic Shapes